Innovative Custom Glass

Working with architects, general contractors, and the owner, we develop custom glass structures through a Design Assist or Delegated Design process. Every element custom designed to the project, our engineers determine the optimal glass for desired form and function, and pair it with the ideal framing systems and hardware to fulfill the client’s vision.

Glass Railings

Create an unobstructed view, or a minimalistic aesthetic, and the sense of a floating free openness of stairways and upper tiers. Old Town Glass engineers near invisible railing systems with the strength of steel.

Glass Stair Treads

A stunning and unexpected architectural feature, glass stair treads provide a delightful and thrilling visual aesthetic and experience.

Structural Glass

Architectural designs that call for impressive spans of glass or natural light where it doesn’t seem possible, our engineers can accomplish the structural integrity needed to accomplish the vision.


We can bring natural light to where it’s needed, even if the path for sunlight is through a sidewalk or roof deck. Structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing above and below.

Sedak Clear
Edge Spacer

We create a virtually seamless visual effect for large glass windows, walls, or rails using glass joints for maximum transparency.


Wherever glass is needed to perform in a structural capacity or stand up to extreme elements, we use the highest quality laminated glass to ensure safety.

Interior Glass

We create unique custom glass shower design and structure for clients desiring a masterpiece bath.