Sedak Clear Edge Spacers

Sedak is a German company we often work with, as we share their philosophy of “imagination is the only limit.” They create insulated and safety glass, bullet-proof and bird glass, but we’ve been most intrigued with their edge spacers when designing large format glass for residences and businesses. It has been a game changer for design and construction, allowing clients, designers, and architects to think outside the window frame.

Sedak Clear Edge Spacers provide a seamless look to expansive glass structures, including windows, doors, facades and roofs. The joints are engineered with tough, resilient glass, virtually eliminating the butt joints on the vertical (visible) sides. They use a conventional edge for horizontal seams, and in combination, they can achieve a seamless look while maintaining all the technical properties of the glass. The glass meets all required Ug-values.

Sedak’s technology provides a spectacular visual appearance, while maintaining the strength and energy efficiency of whatever type of glass we’ve specified for the project. Sedak Clear Edge Spacers are often the key element to making a client’s vision a reality. Old Town Glass has designed and constructed successful projects in North America using Sedak’s innovation and technology.