Laminated Glass

In all structural glass applications, we work with top fabricators of laminated glass, using only suppliers we completely trust. Laminated glass is the essential building block of virtually all of our large, complex structures, as it is up to eight times stronger than non-laminated glass.


The same type of protection used in automobile windshields to protect passengers from shattered glass in crashes goes into our glass stair treads, rails, stringers, walls, and oversized windows – any application that must hold excessive weight or withstand substantial contact with people or the elements. Here in California, an area known for its earthquakes, we have deep experience in meeting or exceeding seismic requirements.


In architectural design, where often the glass is the focal point, and the design trend is to minimize the visible supports, the engineering, hardware, and quality of the glass and lamination has to be exceptional. The lamination is a critical component, the last defense of human safety against extreme weather, intruders or earthquakes.


We also use laminated glass for its other benefits, such as UV protection, reduction of heat and glare, and energy efficiency. It can also serve as a sound barrier, which can become a major factor, when entire walls are designed in glass.