Services Overview

Old Town Glass is an exceptional provider of glass and window solutions, renowned for their exemplary customer service, innovative design, and meticulous installation services. At the heart of our business is the philosophy and commitment to ensuring that every customer’s experience is second to none. Our dedicated customer service team goes above and beyond to assist clients at every stage of their projects.

Delegated Design

Our own expertise and unique skillset, along with our close relationship with industry partners, allows us to bring our customer’s vision to reality.

Design Assist

Our team works daily with our partners to provide design assist services to our clients. It may be simple fenestration advice on a project or complex involvement in the details.

Glass Engineering

We only contract with the leading engineers in the industry and oversee every step of the development of unique glass solutions and applications.


Old Town Glass never subcontracts installation. We only use our own dedicated, highly trained and experienced installers, because even with perfectly designed and manufactured fenestration, the performance and final aesthetics rely on expert installation.