Classic is the basic system from Sky-Frame. The Sky-Frame Classic sliding windows are the most commonly used thanks to their versatility. Sky-Frame Classic offers maximum possible combinations of technologies and features. Various opening variants complement the versatile sliding windows: side opening, central opening offset or on the same rail as well as the well-known corner opening. The sliding elements can be combined in any number, alternating or symmetrically

The design of Sky-Frame’s Classic window system, is characterized by a rectangular aluminum frame that harmoniously blends subtle aesthetics with Swiss precision. This design pays homage to the clean and timeless language of modernist pioneers. Classic advocates for an open and expansive approach to space, reflecting its pure and iconic appearance, characterized by a well-balanced proportion.

Classic’s versatility extends beyond its form, offering a wide range of functional applications. It can serve as a versatile platform for various extensions to meet diverse user needs. The drainage system is cleverly integrated beneath the outdoor flooring or within recessed channels of the rails, ensuring efficient water management.

With multiple opening styles, including sideways, centralized, or corner-openings, and rails that seamlessly align with the floor and ceiling, Classic guarantees a frictionless user experience, making it adaptable to any architectural vision while maintaining a modernist touch.


Sky-Frame’s Arc breaks free from the constraints of modernist rectangular design, by introducing gracefully curved glass facades to the architectural landscape.  Sky-Frame’s Arc enriches architectural possibilities with an organic touch. It invites a sense of fluidity and openness in both structural compositions and formal harmony, offering new avenues for innovative spatial arrangements.

The curved glass units in Arc are the result of years of development and incorporate automatic drives to ensure smooth and frictionless operation. This innovation provides novel opportunities for seamlessly connecting interior and exterior spaces, reimagining how building spaces can be opened and closed. The varied radii and arrangements of curves and straight installations embody the postmodern philosophy both technically and aesthetically, encouraging a spirit of boundless creativity.


Working with intricate architectural structures or unique designs becomes particularly challenging when slopes are involved, especially when transitioning from solid surfaces to expansive windows. Designs that explore tilted and inclined surfaces, as well as bold, shear-like structures, have often been associated with radical or brutal aesthetics, typically linked to iconic antagonists in pop culture. However, the concept of slopes pushes the boundaries of architectural innovation.

With slope-based designs, spatial configurations can be reimagined, elevating rooms towards the sky or achieving a distinct sense of enclosure through creative angles. Sky-Frame’s innovative system adeptly manages both vertical and horizontal forces, eliminating the constraints previously associated with installing larger panes. This approach harmoniously aligns with daring architectural geometries, both from a technical and aesthetic perspective.

Slope-inspired panes facilitate a range of inclined installations, seamlessly integrated with sophisticated framing that not only enhances performance but also ensures proper drainage, meeting all requirements for resistance to driving rain.


Sky-Frame’s Pivot door system introduces a new level of sophistication to architectural design. This innovative system swings open gracefully around an eccentrically positioned axis, leaving observers in awe of its elegance. Sky-Frame has meticulously perfected the mass and dimensional proportions of this asymmetrical door, paying tribute to those who have challenged traditional architectural norms. Today, the Pivot door stands as a steadfast companion for those who are at the forefront of pushing architectural and design boundaries. It elevates the act of opening, closing, and transitioning between spaces from mundane events to extraordinary spatial experiences. Beyond its unique attributes, the Pivot door’s refined balance ensures ease of use, with a simple push to move the substantial panel. Furthermore, it incorporates an electromechanical multipoint locking system that upholds the highest standards of door operation and security.


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