Glass Railings

Old Town Glass’s custom glass railing systems create an exciting experience by enhancing the feeling of height without any obstructions like balusters or top rails. They provide a wider view of the landscape or cityscape on exterior balconies and make interior spaces feel more spacious. Architecturally, these railing systems allow you to fully appreciate the building design by exposing stairways, doors, and other features.

Custom designed and engineered for each project, we work with trusted partners who are some of the best in the world:

Q-Railing is known for its flexibility and premium balustrades. We count on their modular designs to fit our customizations, which even allow for extraordinary curved glass rails.

TriPyramid designs hardware for our glass railings that are mechanically sound yet almost invisible. Their designers and mechanical engineers bring their experience working on submarines and particle accelerators to create new possibilities in architectural design.

Collaborating with these brilliant partners, our team has been able to design and build seemingly impossible glass rail structures for private residences and business facilities.