Exquisitely designed hardware completes the look. More importantly, it allows for effortless and exacting function. We entrust our glass structures to only a select few hardware designers around the world.

Franz Schneider Brakel

German maker of masterful heavy-duty hardware for doors, windows, mortice locks, closers and hinges, with designs sought by top architects.


One of the top three companies in the world for access control and security systems. We rely on dormakaba design and technology to ensure protection is seamlessly integrated into project designs.

Rocky Mountain Hardware

Our partner for beautiful custom handcrafted, premium quality bronze hardware, this family-owned company shares our mantra of “never say no.”


An internationally renowned maker of door handles and innovative custom functional hardware and fittings for sliding doors and walls.


Our specialist in creative sliding door and sliding shutter hardware. Hawa work complements our designs, allowing for transformative exteriors with entire walls opening and closing.