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Specialty Innovation & Design
Fenestration Solutions

Glass Contractors for California & Hawaii

Unique Bespoke
Fenestration Solutions

Proprietary, one-of-a-kind design solutions for our most aspirational clients – those requiring something phenomenal that’s never been done before.

Fully Custom Home
Glass Design

We collaborate with architects and homeowners to fully integrate custom window and door design and functionality into original architecture or renovation.

Business & Enterprise
Glass Solutions

Innovative custom glass solutions for single storefronts to grand, epic structures. High visual impact with top-level safety and security.

Our Approach

At Old Town Glass, the answer always starts with a yes. We love a challenge.

We enjoy doing what hasn’t been attempted before. Our best clients come to us with big ideas and mind-blowing aspirations for their home or business structure. That’s our inspiration to develop innovative solutions to make it possible.

OTG Glass Products

We partner with the world’s leading glass manufacturers, including Sky-Frame, MHB, and Marvin. We serve as designers, contractors and installers. Our deep knowledge of glass properties and manufacturers allows us to fit custom glass products into every project.

OTG Legendary Service

We’re a family-owned business that puts our whole heart into our service. We are as conscientious and caring about serving a local resident who needs a broken window replaced as we are with clients requesting a spectacular multi-million-dollar curved glass façade in Europe. Whatever you need, we’re happy to help.

Our Work

What we can do with glass is virtually limitless. Windows, entry doors, and skylights are only the beginning.

We can create curved glass walls of any size. We can also install invisible glass railings, all-glass showers, and spa glass pool fencing. Plus, we can make any other custom glass design you can think of.



Expanding installation
capability in 2023

With an increased demand for oversized flat, cold bent, and warm bent, glass installations within the residential construction market on the West Coast there has been a need for additional installation capability.
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