Our Process

We continue to evolve our process through generations history. Making the best of simple and complex projects.

Planning a project

Planning & Consulting

The best way to approach a project is to work through all the details through planning. By working with us directly, we bring you our years of expertise to ensure we ask all the right questions so there are no surprises.

If you are working with contractors, feel free to send us your plans early to provide the best results.


A very crucial step, by using the best tools to ensure each product is built to the exact specifications required. Measure for accuracy!

Sky-Frame Installation Photo 3
OTG Installation 5A-1

Ordering Glass

Now that we have planned, and measured, we go ahead and order your glass. Sending this off to our fabrication team, we communicated the requirements and needs for every order.

Once the product is received, we review each piece to ensure quality passes our standards.


The final piece to the puzzle, installation. Each installation requires the right tools, precision and care. Small or large installations we use the appropriate tools and care. We have you covered!

Each job varies, and installation time can range accordingly.

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