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Cobblestones, Tower Cranes, and Glass


Our staff constantly is working with our partners in search of the best solutions to offer our clients. Recently two of our staff had an opportunity to visit projects in Italy. European Fenestration suppliers have been creating energy efficient windows and doors for a long time. In Europe, they also use glass in a number of different applications, with some uses being a bit more unique than in the US.  Especially when you have areas with both very old construction (100s’s of year old) and modern construction.

One tool always in use on every European jobsite, whether in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, or the UK is a tower crane.   It is always interesting to see the cranes used for setting glass, windows, or concrete.

Here are a couple highlights from projects in Northern Italy.

The best part of the day in the suburbs of Milan, wasn’t the windows or glass, but lunch conversation about the European vs US markets over  a Peroni and Pizza.

Requirement when having lunch with Italian Window and Door Manufacturers




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