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Marvin Clad Window Installation Photos


We recently supplied Marvin Windows and Doors for a project in West Marin, to replace existing wood exterior windows and doors.   The Marvin Clad product was chosen for it’s superior finish and durability.   The project featured Stone White Clad Exterior and Primed Interior.


Products included: Marvin Ultimate Inswing Hinged Doors, Marvin Ultimate Double Hungs, Marvin In Sash Polygons.


2015-03-02 14.25.13

2015-03-02 14.25.18 2015-03-02 14.25.29 2015-03-02 14.25.49 2015-03-02 14.25.58 2015-03-02 14.26.05 2015-03-02 14.26.10


General Contractor: Jim Allen Construction

Marvin Windows and Doors Supplied by Old Town Glass, Inc.


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