NFRC Video – Making Energy Efficient Choices

I recently came across a great video on NFRC’s site. The National Fenestration Rating Council, supplies energy ratings for windows and doors. With the recent code changes in California these ratings are becoming more and more critical to assisting consumers pick the correct window and door product for their use. When I first started in the industry, it was a question of what type of window do you want. . . vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, etc. Now it is a more complex question with more discussion.  We now need to discuss product type (material), glazing, energy ratings, performance values, etc.

Check out the video to gain a better understanding of what is behind the NFRC label on a window, door, or skylight product.

For additional information on NFRC ratings, check out additional info on the NFRC website, window ratings section.

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