Aqua Blue Glass plus Dupont’s Sentry Interlayer, equal Cool Railing

Unique aqua blue glass, Dupont structural interlayers, custom powder coating and a lot of design work all combined for a stunning glass railing in a San Francisco residence.  . .

Thankfully this project is now completed.   The installation of  Azuria (formerly called Azurlite) interior glass guardrail and stairwell guard in San Francisco was a team effort between the GC, designer, enginner, architect, our installers, and our glass fabricator in Southern California.   The glass used in the project is tempered laminated with Dupont’s Sentry Interlayer.  The Dupont Sentry Interlayer is set between two pieces of aqua blue colored glass.  The railing and guardrail sit inside of CRL’s L56S base shoe system for 9/16″ thick tempered laminated glass.   The General Contractor recessed the base shoe into the floor and set it on a steel bracket, so that is concealed and structurally sound.  The glass was then capped with a CRL’s #304 polished stainless steel crisp corner cap that was custom powder coated per the owner’s color specifications.

For more information on tempered laminated glass deck railings, check out some of our other posts featuring Dupont’s Sentry Interlayer Glass Technology.  Dupont’s Interlayers allow very unique structurally sound glass designs.   We work with speciality glass fabricators in order to bring out clients dreams to reality with Dupont’s interlayers from railings, glass canopies, to sloped glazing.



Azuria Glass Railing, Project Info

Project General Contractor and Base Shoe Installation: kunstbau+kids 

Glass Railing Hardware: CR Laurence

Glass: PPG’s Azuria Glass with Dupont Sentry Interlayer, Fabricated by Triview Glass Industries

Glass Design and Installation: Old Town Glass, Inc.

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