Prosoco Fast Flash and Cat5 from BEI, Submittal Information

Liquid Membranes, Flashings, and Wall Coatings are becoming more and more prevalent in our industry.  Old Town Glass stocks Prosoco’s R-Guard System.  The components are Fast Flash, Joint and Seam Filler, and Cat5 Wall Coating.  In situations where these products will come in contact with drywall or Densglass we carry the GypPrime Primer.

The links below provide the relevant documents for the products that we carry in stock for window & door installation and waterproofing:

Prosoco R-Guard Fast Flash System, Product Overview and Brochure

Prosoco R-Guard, Installation Instructions

Prosoco R-Guard Fast Flash, MSDS

Prosoco R-Guard Fast Flash, Data Sheet

Prosoco R-Guard Joint and Seam Filler, MSDS

Prosoco R-Guard Joint and Seam Filler, Data Sheet

Prosoco R-Guard Cat5 Wall Coating, MSDS

Prosoco R-Guard Cat5 Wall Coating, Data Sheet



Full information and link’s to the manufacturer’s website can be found on our Installation Section of our website. Additional stock products include Sausage Guns for Application, GypPrime, Air Dam, and Backer Rod.

For additional information, a complete submittal specific to your project, and/or pricing please contact Old Town Glass’s Novato Office.










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