Glass Installation Photos: Shower, Stair Well, Satin Etch Shower and Toilet Enclosure

 The photos below are from a recent project with a lot of interior glass work.  The project features a couple of unique shower encloures using 3/8″ glass.  The sliding shower door system is a 3/8″ Hydroslide from CRL that was installed by Old Town Glass.  The Hydroslide is a unique take on a heavy glass sliding shower enclosure.   Another bathroom featured a glass shower enclosure and a glass toilet room enclosure.  For maximum privacy both the shower enclosure and toilet room enclosure feature 3/8″ Tempered Satin Etch Glass.

The most unique glass work in the interior of the project consisted of 1/2″ Clear Tempered Glass in the Stairwell between the 1st and 2nd floors.  The stair walls and railing were created using custom 1/2″ glass that is supported by CRL’s RSOB20 Standoffs.  These are 2″ diameter standoffs that are mounted to a stainless steel plate.  In this case the stainless steel plate was attached to the wall and them sheetrocked over.  The standoffs appear to be floating from the surface of the sheetrock, however a majority of their structure to support the glass is concealed.  The brushed stainless steel hand rail is attached to the glass and wall utilizing CRL’s Newport Series hand rail standoff brackets.

3/8″ Frameless Shower Door Installation by Old Town Glass

1/2″ Glass Interior Stair Railing with Brushed Stainless Steel hand rail

blank1/2″ Clear Tempered Glass Stair Well Glass and Brushed Stainless Steel Hand Rail

blankView Looking Down Brushed Stainless Steel Hand Rail on Stinson Beach Project

blank3/8″ Satin Etch Glass Shower Enclosure











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