Marin Builders Association launches Marin Home

Old Town Glass Marvin Windows and Doors ad and the Marvin Lift and Slide door are featured in the inaugural issue of Marin Home.

IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                              :
September 6, 2012                                                       
Aimi Dutra, MBA President
San Rafael, CA – The Marin Builders Association (MBA) will be launching Marin Home, a new quarterly magazine highlighting the best of Marin County construction business services, tonight at 5:00 PM at Hudson Street Design of Marin.  The all-inclusive home designer’s magazine is circulating 10,000 copies of its inaugural edition to Marin County homeowners and residents.  Recipients of the new publication include those who’ve recently acquired building permits, as well as those who’ve recently purchased a home in the area.
“It has been a very exciting period as our team took this from an innovative concept to a phenomenal finished product,” said Aimi Dutra, President of the Marin Builders Association.  “It is unlike anything Marin County homeowners have seen and offers a unique flavor to home building and design.  There’s something inside for everyone,” Dutra said.
In deciding to launch the publication, the Marin Builders Association realized there was no locally-focused publication that looks at how to make a house a home.  The organization decided to create something new and exciting to end 2012 and promote businesses for what should be stronger demand for home improvement projects in 2013.
The magazine aims to be a one-of-its-kind publication.  Not only will it feature home improvement projects to fit the season, but will also include tips, tricks and stories from local homeowners as well as humor and edginess to compliment the wide variety of featured building and remodeling stories.
“Each edition of Marin Home will be tailored to the particular season it’s released in and offer new home improvement ideas to fit the season, including featured stories, do-it-yourself tutorials, highlights on recent MBA events and so much more,” said Klif Knoles, Executive Director of the Marin Builders Association.  “The free publication will serve as both a business directory and advertising platform for member businesses,” he added.
The Marin Builders Association was founded in 1958 with a mission to foster relationships in the community and encourage members to promote the highest ethical and professional standards in the building industry.
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