Summer is here, keep the bugs out. It’s time to check your screens.

With the arrival of summer the bugs want to get into your open windows and doors.  Keep them out with a proper fitting screen that does not have any holes. If your screens need to be repaired or replaced, bring them in to our full service screen shop.  We offer repairs, replacement, and new screens that are built in our Novato shop.

As the industry has improved screen products a variety of new items have been introduced to the market.   For example: Marvin Windows and Doors offers an amazing retractable screen on their casement product line that disappears into the jamb of the window.  Phifer Incorporated, one of the largest manufacturers of screening mesh and wire products – offers Ultravue which is the industry standard for Hi Transparency Screen Mesh.  This product is standard with many new high end windows and doors, but we can put the screen in any existing product that you have.

We offer a complete line of in stock patio door screens and can have others custom made for your application.   For additional information on screen options, visit the screen section of our website.

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