Fire Rated Wall Protection Window

We recently completed the installation of a 60 Minute Fire Rated Wall Protection Window System in San Francisco.  The assembly features a GPX fire rated window assembly from Safti First glazed with Superlite II XL combined with LowE tempered glass.  The window was sized to match a Marvin Ultimate Casement that is placed on an adjoining wall that did not need to be fire rated.

The GPX frame was custom painted white to match the Stone White cladding on the Marvin window. Even though the Marvin and Safti GPX frame are very different, an attempt was made to match these windows as close as possible.

Interior View with 60 Minute Label

60 Minute Safti First Fire Rated Window with GPX Frame

Marvin Clad Ultimate Casement on Left. Safti GPX Frame, 60 Minute Fire Rated Window on Right

Contractor: Willam A Larson, Builder (Novato, CA)
Glass Supplier and Installer: Old Town Glass (Novato, Ca)
Manufacturer: Safti First (San Francisco, CA)

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