Window and Door Installation Types: New Construction, Replacement, ZBar Flange

Types of Window and Door Installations

New Construction Windows and Doors (Aluminum, Wood, Clad, Vinyl, Fiberglass)

New construction windows are the standard window and door option that most customers are familiar with. These are windows that have a nailing flange and get installed into a exterior wall opening with flashing and/or building paper.  The window is caulk and nailed or screwed into place.  After it is mechanically fastened to the building structure a sealant is then used to permantely adhere the window flange to the building.  In addition to a sealant, a building paper or flashing paper is used. 

The photo below shows a Marvin Nail On or New Construction Style window installed with flashing and an asphalt based building paper.  The window’s nailing flange is now concealed by the waterproofing that surrounds the window.

This photo shows an installation in progress of a Nail On Flange window into a remodeled structure.  The window is on top of a pan and being set in place with a Butyl based flashing paper.

There are special considerations with replacement windows and we encourage you to give us a call to provide you with a free estimate.   We need to know the type of structure you have and any special considerations that may affect the installation of a flanged replacement window.  Replacement of Z bar flange windows are ideal for stucco when you do not want to remove the existing stucco around a window or patch it and your existing window is an aluminum window that is flush against the side of the house.   A replacement or Z bar window can also be installed in wood siding, if certain conditions are met.

Replacement / Z bar flange windows are constructed of Aluminum, Vinyl, and Fiberglass.  We use Milgard  Tuscany and Ultra Series, Marvin Integrity, and a number of Aluminum manufacturers for our replacement windows.  There are not any wood clad windows available in a replacement style.  The reason is that a wood window has a thicker jamb and is designed to be installed directly against the stud wall in your home.

Vinyl and Fiberglass: Replacement Windows & ZBar Flange WindowsIf you’re looking to replace your current single pane metal aluminum windows with a more energy efficient and far superior looking window, there are a variety of replacement windows that could prove to be the perfect solution for your  home.  Replacement windows are designed to fit over your existing metal frame to eliminate the potential costs that are associated with cutting the old frame out of the side of your home.  These types of windows have been widely used throughout the glazing industry for several decades.  When properly installed, replacement windows seal very well, protecting you house from the possibility of water infiltration during the stormy seasons.

Insert Windows or Block Frame Windows
Insert windows are designed to fit into old openings without modifications to framing.  Old Town Glass offers Marvin’s family of Ultimate Insert Windows, which features wood and clad insert windows that are made to order.  These windows fit into old double hung windows and can breed new life into old wood sash double hungs while matching the style and detail of the old.  Marvin offers Tilt Pacs, Ultimate Insert Double Hungs, and Ultimate Insert Casements with simulated divided lites, tall bottom rails, and check rails to match the look of a double hung but provide modern functionality, such as meeting egress codes.

In addition to Marvin’s line of wood insert products a number of vinyl and fiberglass windows have the perfec jamb width to fit into an existing wood double hung opening.  Milgard’s Tuscany line and the Ultra Series Casement windows are designed with a 3 1/4″ jamb depth.  This jamb depth is usually a perfect match to many of the old double hung windows that are found in the Northern San Francisco Bay Area. Usually a wood insert window will have a beveled or sloped sill to match the existing double hung sill.  A vinyl or fiberglass is normally flat and an extra piece of aluminum is added in the factory to close the gap created when a flat sill on these style windows is installed on an existing sloped sill.

These style windows provide modern comfort without damaging the original wood frames that are commonly found in Victorian style homes. Another unique feature of an insert windows is that in certain situations, it can be installed from the interior.

The photos below shows a Marvin Tilt Pac Double Hung, Green Exterior, Primed Pine Interior being installed in place of wood sash windows.  The existing jambs are used and only minor touch up painting is require.  The end result is a brand new set of double pane sashes with energy efficient lowe glass.   The sashes operate on new jambs and jamb hardware.



Broken Wood Sash Repair
If your window is either single or double pane and you’ve broken the operating section (not-the fixed portion which is sometimes very difficult to remove), you can bring that sash to us in order to save you time and money. If it’s a single pane window we can often fix it while you wait. In the event you have a dual pane window we can measure and have it ordered within a few days. Either way, bringing your broken window to us helps save you time and money.
If you have a broken wood sash (the actually wood frame around the glass is damaged) it is even possible for us to have a sash rebuilt to the same look and specifications as your old one. This will save you from having to buy an entirely new wood window unit.

Converting Single Pane to Double Pane Units
In the situation that you have single glazed glass inside of a wood stopped frame, it is sometimes possible to install an insulated unit as a replacement option. If the depth of your frame is adequate, the wood stops can be ripped down to accommodate a thicker unit.

In certain cases, if you have existing aluminum windows from All Weather or Blomberg Windows Systems from the correct era – Old Town Glass can replace the existing glass and/or window sashes with new sashes that have double pane glass.   In situations where this can be done, it saves the cost of remove and replacing the entire window frame.  If you have either of these window brands and are intrested in upgrading the glass to double pane, let us know. 

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John Pope is an estimator and manager at Old Town Glass, Inc.

Old Town Glass, Inc. based in Novato, California is a licensed contractor (CA LIC 736844) providing glass, window, and door sales, service, and installation.   

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