Glass Magazine Article: Glass Guardrail Code Confusion

Old Town Glass installs a number of glass railing systems.  Each system we install is unique and custom fit for each job.  Frequently code questions come up from Architects, Engineers, Buiding Inspectors, and Owners on what can and cannot be done with glass railing design.   The codes are relatively clear and in most cases a glass railing system is considered a guardrail or baluster.  The definition of a guardrail will vary depending on local codes and any particular code requirements that local jurisdictions have.

Glass Magazine recently featured a couple articles on Glass Balusters (Railings) and the various codes that affect them. The following article contains references to the relevant national & state building codes.

Example of a glass guardrail with a base shoe system and a top cap. 
Example of a glass railing (under construction before top cap installation) with point supported standoff.

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