Window and Door Installation Resources Online

There are many installation resources on the internet and Old Town Glass always recommends that our customers follow product specific installation instructions.  Almost all window and doors products ship with some form of installation instruction or reference and industry standard guideline.

I have tried to highlight the most common installation instructions that our customers need.  Please note that as the installer or contractor you are responsible for the proper installation of the product.  We recommend that customers refer to standard set forth by ASTM, AAMA, and Installation Masters™ Training and Certification Program. This nationwide training and certification program was developed by AAMA for new construction and replacement installers of windows and exterior glass doors in residential and light commercial markets.

Window manufacturers along with sealant and waterproofing/flashing manufactures all have excellent resources available for window and door installation.

Milgard Windows and Doors

Milgard’s website has links to the following standard Installation Instructions for their products

New Construction Installation for Milgard New Construction Windows

AAMA 2400-10: Standard Practice for Installation of Windows and Doors with a Mounting Flange in Stud Frame Construction (1.31M pdf, read only)

Milgard Replacement Installation (Zbar)

AAMA 2410-03: Standard Practice for Installation of Windows and Doors with an Exterior Flush Fin over an Existing Window Frame (383K pdf, read only)

Field Installation Instructions for Milgard Vinyl Patio Doors

Sliding Patio Doors – Flush Fin: Step-by-step instructions with photos on how to remove previous doorways and install new flush fin sliding patio doors.
Sliding Patio Doors – Mounting Flange: Step-by-step instructions with photos on installation of a mounting flange sliding patio door in new construction.
Swinging Doors Installation Guide: Step-by-step instructions with diagrams on how to install a swinging door.
Marvin Window and Doors
Marvin’s Installation Instructions are very product specific, they maintain a large library of product installation that can be found on their website. These include installation of clad exterior windows with an aluminum or vinyl nailing flange and wood exterior windows with and without brick mold casing.  Marvin also recommends using SillGuard (their pan flashing product) anytime you install a Marvin window or door.  If you decide that SillGuard is not the proper product for your application, custom metal pans can always be built.
Fleetwood Windows and Doors
Aluminum and thermally broken aluminum windows and doors are no different from other mechanically fastened windows: such as fiberglass or aluminum clad wood.  However, most aluminum window and door manufacturers provide product specific instructions.   Fleetwood is one such manufacturer and provides a product line specific instruction with each product along with a standard installation instruction.
For the product specific installation instructions, visit Fleetwood’s Website and click on products.  Once you select the particular product that you want installation instructions for a list of items will be on the right side of that page.  Click on “Installation Instructions” and product specific instructions will be listed.
Flashing & Pans
Old Town Glass uses both FortiFiber and Grace Products when installing products for our customers and contractors.  Both Grace and Fortifiber have excellent online resources discussing how to use their products when installing a window or door. Be sure to confirm with the flashing manufacturer the proper sealants to use with their products.
When a pan is required there are a number of options.  One is an off the shelf pan, such as SillGuard from Marvin or a molded vinyl pan from Jambsill.  We also work with local fabricators for custom pans.  Frequently we work with Lux Metals in Santa Rosa for custom anodized aluminum or stainless steel pans.
Sealant & Caulking Resources
Most window manufacturers refer to AAMA 800-92, “Voluntary Specifications and Test. Methods for Sealants.  Sealant manufacturers normally list in their product specifications if the sealant meets this standard.
A couple of the sealants that Old Town Glass uses in window and door installation are
Tremco Tremglaze U1600
Moistop Sealant

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