Marin County Shower Door Codes

During shower door estimates we frequently are asked about codes for glass shower enclosures. There are codes requirements in the building code but glass shower enclosures and shower doors are one particular item that Marin County has specific codes for.  Building Inspectors in Marin County and the Cities and Towns within Marin use this as a guideline for compliance when a new shower door or glass shower enclosure is installed. 

If you are interested a full text of the code can be found at the following link: Marin County Shower Door Codes by the Marin County Code Advisory Board.

Most situations require that the glass have some sort of structural support, either in the form of a u channel or glass clamp.  Glass clamps are drilled through the glass and provide a mechanical attachment from the glass to the wall.  These are similiar to hinges in that they mechanically attach the glass to the underlying mortar bed or structure underneath the tile.

The above photos shows a situation where the 1/2″ thick fixed glass panel that the 3/8″ thick door is hinged off is greater than 8″ wide.  In this situation a stabilizer bar is used to provide additional support to the fixed panel.  When a door is hung off a panel less than 8″ wide a stabilizer is not required by Marin County Codes.
Please visit the link above for the codes or speak with the inspector for the authority having jurisdiction over your project.  Old Town Glass assumes no responsibility for code compliance unless we are installing your shower door enclosure.

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