Interior Glass Stair Railing, Glass Clamps

The second blog post in a series on interior deck railing systems, shows the use of glass clamps to support glass infill panels in a stair railing.  This particular project had custom steel constructed and then Brushed Stainless #316 Stainless Steel glass clamps were used to suspend 1/2″ tempered glass inside of the steel framework.  The steel was drilled and tapped to attach the CRL glass clamps.

CR Laurence Product Z912BS, shown below

These glass clamps have an integral steel pin to product structural support, so that the glass is not limited to friction holding it in place.

We frequently work with design professionals and general contractors to come up with a design that fits the stairwell or guardrail application that a client has. This particular glass clamps has manufactur supplied engineering that can be used to satisfy code requirements in certain types of projects.  
Interior railing photos courtesy of  and copyright of, Steve Rempe Construction. 
Stairwell construction by Rempe Construction.

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