How to Choose the Right Door

Visitors to our showroom frequently ask for help in choosing the right door.  With some many product offerings on the market, this really is a good question.  Old Town Glass offers a number of doors in our showroom in Novato.  Our door displays include Andersen, Fleetwood, Marvin, Milgard – which all make exterior rated sliding and swing doors.  We also offer a full line of wood doors for exterior use.  

Marvin’s YouTube video Doors: Choosing the right doors for your home is a great video to watch.  It helps understand the difference types of doors that are on the market.   In addition to architectural style and function, there are other factors to consider. One needs to look at a products’s Design Pressure Rating, Glass Type, U Value, SHGC, and ease of use.  Some doors have replaceable tracks while others do not.

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