Galvanic Corrision and Window Installation

Galvanic Corrision is something that contractors and window installers ask about when installing aluminum or steel windows and doors, with any type of pan system for waterproofing.  Galvanic Corrision can happen in any environment but in Marvin, Sonoma, and San Francisco Counties it is something that we think about alot.

Fleetwood Windows and Doors, which Old Town Glass sells and installs has an excellent information sheet on Galvanic Corrision.

  1. Fleetwood Care and Maintenance Instructions
  2. Fleetwood Windows: Galvanic Corrision Info Sheet

I’ve posted a couple links below that contains interesting bits of information on Galvanic Corrision:

We recommend you discuss your particular installation with a qualified indivdual to understand the considerations that need to be accounted for to make sure that the window/door product lasts forever. The effects of this may dicate the type of window or door pans you use on your project.

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