Wildland Urban Interface Codes for Windows & Doors in Marin County, CA

After three years in existence, questions still come up about Marin County’s Wildland Urban Interface Codes for windows and doors. These codes still vary by indivdual building and fire department jurisdiction.  If you are installing your windows on your own, please consult with the authority having juristdiction, prior to ordering your windows or doors.

In order to assist in research of whether the code applies to your window or door project, attached are a couple links that might help.  The best way to find out if your project falls under WUI is to give both the fire department and building department a call.  In Marin, many fire agencies cross multiple building department jurisdictions, so it is best to consult with both building officials and fire marshals.

More Information on the WUI Code

The Wildland Urban Interface code can be found on Cal Fire’s Website

Effective Dates of Code:
On September 20, 2007 the Building Standards Commission approved the Office of the State Fire Marshal’s emergency regulations amending the California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 24, Part 2, known as the 2007 California Building Code (CBC).
“701A.3.2 New Buildings Located in Any Fire Hazard Severity Zone.

Example of Online WUI Resources for Novato, CA
The City of Novato and Novato Fire Department have information on how the Wildland Urban Interface Code applies to window and doors in New and Replacement applications within their areas of responsibility.

Old Town Glass maintains a list of links to the WUI Codes for Marin County.
Old Town Glass WUI Code Page 

Please consult with the building department having jurisdiction for a final determination of code requirements.

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