Window and Door Installation with Sill Pans

Window installation varies depending on the type of product and/or manufacturer.   In the past couple years most major manufacturers have adopted specific guidelines that should be followed with installation of their products. One such guideline is to use pans.

Historically only doors and thermally broken aluminum windows used Sill Pan flashing.  Now almost all window and door products utlize some form of Sill Pan Flashing, whether it is a GSM, aluminum, of copper, vinyl.  In addition to a mechanically formed pan, flexible flashing or sticky back flashing can be used with back dam method.

Fleetwood Windows and Doors includes custom sill pans for any of their thermally broken window  products when you order the window.  These pans are then integrated into the overall flashing or the window assembly by the installation contractor.  Marvin Windows and Doors, encourages the use of their sill pan flashing on both there Marvin and Integrity product line.  Marvin’s patented SillGuard is constructed of recycled car battery cases and is very easy to use.

SillGuard photo from Marvin Windows and Doors
As a Marvin Authorized Installing Dealer, we stock SillGuard in both 4 9/16″ and 6 9/16″ jamb thickness.  In addition to SillGuard we also carry JambSill, which is similiar product that has a back dam built into it.   

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