Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure – Hardware for Every Design

There arre are many different styles of glass shower enclosure hardware for custom units. The hardware selection is as diverse as the shower designs that are available.  Framless or Heavy Glass showers are unique, one of a kind designs the hardware should complement them. 

In majority of our shower installations we use a select group of hardware vendors, these include Portal’s Hardware, CR Laurence, and we recently added KL Megla.  Each manufacturer has a unique set of products and finishes for their products.

The photos below show CR Laurence shower enclosure hardware installed by Old Town Glass.

We also work with boutique manufacturers when a customer or architect requests a specific product.  For example FSB and Rocky Mountain both make shower door handles and pulls that match their bath hardware product lines.  These products can be used to match the designs in the rest of a bathroom.

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